Sunday, February 3, 2013

Washington State College Teachers Prove Retaliation through Union's Emails

In Washington State, January 28, 2013, a faculty and union member classified as "part-time" notifies the National Education Association president of union corruptions and cover-ups at Green River Community College, and requests that the NEA assume "immediate trusteeship." Implicated are the Green River CC union, the United Faculty Coalition (UF), and the Washington Education Association, both under the NEA.

Adjunct Nation's investigative news by P. D. Lesko includes the results of a Freedom of Information Act request for emails concerning this issue. The emails show that union not only stonewalled investigations into union theft, but also actively used union resources to attack "part-time" faculty.  From the article:

"...Kathryn Re...sent a 10-page letter to the President of the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel. In her letter, Re—a mathematician— lays out a meticulously detailed and documented indictment of her union’s Executive Committee’s failure to adhere to the group’s bylaws..."

Re writes, “We are writing this formal complaint to request your urgent assistance because the union rights of NEA members are being systematically violated by the United Faculty Coalition (UF) of Green River Community College (GRCC) and the Washington Education Association (WEA), both NEA affiliates. We believe that immediate harm will befall NEA members should you fail to act quickly to correct the systematic corruption that is now taking place at Green River Community College.”"

Reference and Link to Complete Article:

"Washington Part Timers Allege Union Corruption Cover Up Ask NEA President for Trusteeship." Written by P. D. Lesko. Adjunct Nation. January 30, 2013.

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