Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adjunct Nation Presents FOIA Findings Regarding Adjuncts Alleging Cover-Up

Precise language helps to clarify. In the quote below, it's possible that the Humanities Division Chair intended to use the word "insinuation," but instead used the word "indication." The reader can decide which word best fits the circumstances.

"Humanities Division Chair Will Scott emailed this to the UF Board when informed of Re’s request for financial records in order to analyze the union’s dues structure:

“I saw this coming. It is basically an effort by the adjuncts take over the union….I, for one, am pretty upset about the tone of this ... message. There seems to be an indication that 1) we as a board are incompetent, 2) we as a board are somehow institutionally working to destroy adjuncts, 3) we as a board have not only ignored, but been negligent in addressing adjunct issues. It is really upsetting to me.”"

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