Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mader v State of Washington

Mader v State of Washington

This information, via the attorneys' website, of Bendich, Stobaugh, and Strong, explains the successful lawsuit brought against the State of Washington by faculty who are called "part-time," and whose work hours were "mischaracterized."

Mader v. State of Washington, et al., No. 98-2-30850-8 SEA (King County Superior Court
Class action on behalf of part-time community college instructors who worked half-time or more, but who were denied retirement benefits because their work hours were mischaracterized to give the appearance of working below half-time. Settled in 2002 for $12 million.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mader v. Health Care Authority

This links to the case Mader v. Health Care Authority, also referred to as "Mader II."
"Supreme Court of the State of Washington Opinion Information Sheet
Docket Number: 72273-1
Title of Case:
Eva Mader, Teresa Boyden (aka Knudsen) v. The Health Care Authority
File Date: 06/05/2003
Oral Argument Date: 11/13/002"

Mader v. Health Care Authority

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