Thursday, September 24, 2015

David Heller, an Adjunct Philosopher, Passed Away Summer 2015, as noted in Tribute by Dr. Keith Hoeller in Democracy Chronicles

"Democracy Chronicles" has just published Dr. Keith Hoeller's tribute to David Heller, an adjunct philosopher who died this past summer.  Like so many of us, David was a dedicated professor who lived in poverty.Seattle University, where he taught for many years, charges $37K a year in tuition.  It is a Catholic University run by the Jesuits.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Richard Goldin Advises Adjuncts to "Dismantle the Entire Professiorial Apparatus of Privilege" in Counterpunch August 12, 2015

"Progressives and the Economic Inequality in Academia," by Richard Goldin, Counterpunch, August 12, 2015
"One of the few options currently available to adjuncts to improve their financial situation is a faculty union.[19] But unions comprised of both tenured and adjunct faculty will never question the mechanisms which underlie the academic hierarchy.[20] Instead, they will ask adjuncts to join in fights for general increases in faculty salaries which disproportionately benefit those who already earn the most.[21] The trade-off for adjuncts is an incremental raise in pay in return for a reinforcement of the structures and relations which perpetuate their impoverishment.

The academic hierarchy will not be altered by resorting to arguments about fairness, equality or basic human decency. Unions composed solely of adjuncts must fight for far greater increases in adjunct salaries as part of a larger struggle to dismantle the entire professorial apparatus of privilege. All progressives should join in this effort."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

EWU with 459 Faculty Called Full-Time, Only Three Women, Only Eleven Are Not White = Discrimination by Washington State June 17, 2015

Eastern Washington University Shows America and the World the Shameful Truth of Discrimination against Women and Persons of Color.
"How did she take on that identity so easily at Eastern Washington? Ms. Brooks, the San Antonio scholar, has a theory. According to Eastern Washington's numbers, 11 of the university's 459 full-time faculty members are black. Just three are women. (Like many institutions, Eastern Washington does not track part-time faculty members by race.)
Ms. Dolezal "couldn't have gotten away with this in places like D.C., Atlanta, or New Orleans," said Ms. Brooks. But in Spokane, where just over 2 percent of the population is black, the calculus is different."

Friday, June 12, 2015

EWU Demeans "Part-Time" Faculty in the Issue of the Spokane NAACP President's Race and Applications June 12, 2015

June 12, 2015. In Spokane, Washington, the president of the NAACP is being investigated for her race, and whether or not she gave false information on applications.

At Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington, Rachel Dolezal has been teaching courses in Africana Studies for five years.

EWU released a statement which discriminates against all teachers in higher education, by making a distinction between "part-time" positions and "professors," stating that she isn't a professor.

Whether or not Ms. Dolezal did or did not provide false information, it is deplorable that the university uses its own hiring practices to demean all faculty--of hiring someone for five years and demeaning her with the term "part-time"

Students will lose confidence in faculty who are treated badly by the EWU administration, and for EWU to make this distinction shakes the foundation of the university.

It is the position at the American Faculty Association that all faculty are professors, and deserve professional and equal pay.

When asked about Dolezal, EWU released this statement Friday:
"Since 2010, Rachel Dolezal has been hired at Eastern Washington University on a quarter by quarter basis as an instructor in the Africana Education program. This is a part-time position to address program needs. Dolezal is not a professor. The University does not feel it is appropriate to comment on issues involving her personal life. The university does not publicly discuss personnel issues."

Update: June, 12, 2015 Washington Post refers to Dolezal as a professor.
The fascinating Rachel Dolezal story has more layers than one of those flaky Pillsbury biscuits. She’s the president of the Spokane, Wash., chapter of the NAACP and a professor of African American studies at Eastern Washington University, who was outed as not actually being African American. Her years of deception came to an end after her inability to answer a simple question at the end of an interview with KXLY television reporter Jeff Humphrey. “Are you an African American?” he asked.

June 14 and 15, 2015
The website, Spokane Economic and Demographic Data has two articles on this topic:
Chameleon Appearance
"Spokane is filled with idiots, unfortunately. And scummy hustlers. The area has so little diversity (click to see!) it has fake black residents now....At least we can say, with all the news people flying in – its undoubtedly good for the local economy, at least for a few days. Then its back to being the laughing stock of the world."

afa commentary:
There are other issues in academia that deserve this type of scrutiny and action:
In Spokane, at least one professor is/was full-time at two institutions at the same time.
In Spokane, at least two English professors in the community colleges didn't have degrees in English, yet they got the first pick of classes, such as composition and literature which they hadn't trained form, and they were on most of the hiring committees.
And this leads to the question, of when Americans will look critically at 911 and realize that the guys who effected it are still free and rich.
As a nation, Americans must restore the ideals of liberty and justice for all, of health, wealth, and happiness for all. We can't sit on the sidelines and expect journalists to make everything right.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wage Theft "Part-Time Faculty Pay is a Form of Wage Theft," by Dr. Keith Hoeller, Published in The Olympian, May 6, 2015

"Part-Time Faculty Pay is a Form of Wage Theft," by Keith Hoeller
Published May 6, 2015 in The Olympian, Olympia, Washington

In “Wage Theft in America,” Kim Bobo says that “most Americans would be shocked to learn that we have a crisis of wage theft. Employers are stealing money from workers and cheating them of wages owed or not paying them at all.”

"You may be shocked to learn that our community colleges have cheated 8,000 part-time (or adjunct) professors out of hundred of millions of dollars. The two-year colleges have set up a separate but unequal labor system in which the adjunct professors are paid only 60 cents on the dollar for teaching the same courses as their full-time counterparts."

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adjunct Professors Deserve More Money and Job Security: Editorial by Dr. Keith Hoeller, Saturday, May 2, 2015

"In the Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS), the 500 adjunct professors average only $14,804 a year for teaching a half-time load. That’s less than half of an annual salary of $15 an hour ($31,200). And it’s only 27 percent of the average CCS full-timers salary of $54,678, with about 100 exceeding $80,000."

Washington State Legislators, Please Step Up to the Plate!
Correct this unjust and unproductive situation to help our community and our students.
Otherwise, students see their profs delivering their pizzas on Saturday night.