Saturday, June 5, 2021

Colleges and Universities Requiring Covid Shots Fall 2021: Ignoring Federal Law and Nuremberg Code

 US Federal law and the Nuremberg Code stand for people's rights to avoid coercion into being subjects in experimental medical procedures such as the covid shot. Here are two links to a discussion of colleges and universities imposing covid shots as a requirement for attending higher education. It is somewhat disturbing that administrators at the colleges and universities on the list didn't seem to heed the issues raised in the second article linked below. It's not legal to require the covid shot, an experimental procedure. Many people have reservations about the covid shot, especially with "breakout cases" of people who received the covid shot getting covid. Others have already had covid, and thus have no need of a covid shot that could in fact make them sicker. These are dark days in institutions of higher learning where inquiry and freedom of speech and academic freedom are pushed aside for an untested medical procedure.

 State-by-state look at colleges requiring COVID-19 vaccines

The complete list of higher education institutions mandating vaccination for the fall 2021-22 semester.
By: | June 3, 2021

Mandatory COVID vaccines for students: Legal pain point or panacea?

Some states are considering bans that would prohibit universities from requiring COVID-19 vaccines

By: Michael Vernick, Brennan Meier, Molly Whitman and Jessica Mannon | April 16, 2021

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