Sunday, March 10, 2019

The University "Bamboo" are College Administrators

The college student's path of knowledge is crowded with the number of administrators outpacing the numbers of students.
Growth in Students at Washington State University is stunted in comparison with "Bamboo" growth of college administrators.

"But nothing – nothing – has grown in the universe of WSU like the number of administrators. It’s the bamboo of the university system. In 1988, there were the equivalent of 208 full-time employees classified as administrative or professional staff, according to a chart compiled by the WSU Office of Institutional Research. By last academic year, 2017-18, that had risen to 1,999.
That’s an increase of 861 percent."

Shawn Vestal: 61 percent growth in WSU students over past 30 years is nothing compared to 861 percent growth in administrators

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