Sunday, November 4, 2018

Marzoni, Dr. Andrew has written "Academia is a Cult," in The Washington Post, Oct. 31, 2018

"Andrew Marzoni has just published "Academia is a Cult" in today's Washington Post:
Marzoni got his Ph.D. in English and then secured a scarce tenure-track job at a small liberal arts college, which he promptly turned down and then left academe.  He describes well the hamster-wheel that graduate school has become and the lack of rewards after one dutifully spins the wheel.
You can post comments at the end.  From many of the current comments, it appears that the public still remains in the dark about what higher education has become in America."
Here are some brief excerpts:
"Cults are systems of social control. They are insular but often evangelical organizations whose aims (be they money, power, sex or something else) are rooted in submission to a dogma manifested by an authority figure: a charismatic preacher or, say, a tenured professor....Exploitative labor practices occupy the ground floor of every religious movement, and adjuncts, like cult members, are usually required to work long and hard for little remuneration, toiling in support of the institution to prove their devotion to academia itself....Academics may cast themselves as hardened opponents of dominant norms and constituted power, but their rituals of entitlement and fiendish loyalty to established networks of caste and privilege undermine that critical pose. No one says it aloud, but every graduate student knows: This is the price you pay for a chance to enter the sanctum of the tenure track. Follow the leader, or prepare to teach high school."

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