Friday, October 23, 2015

Campus Equity Week (October 26-30, 2015 ), Dr. Keith Hoeller's essay, "Isn't it Time for Campus EQUALITY Week?"

Just in time for Campus Equity Week (October 26-30), Counterpunch has published Dr. Keith Hoeller's essay, "Isn't it Time for Campus EQUALITY Week?"
"the Vancouver Community College Faculty Association in British Columbia long ago abolished the two-tiered system.  But U.S. union leaders act as though Canada were really Mars and resist considering the Vancouver Model a goal to be emulated and do not believe that equality is possible for U.S. higher education."

I also quote Rich Moser:  “As one of the original organizers of CEW back in 2001, I am more than proud of the continued activism by contingent faculty. But even the best of tactics needs to be rethought, refreshed and revised. It’s way past time for us to put full equality on the agenda. Campus Equality is what we need now. And, the grassroots organizing, rank and file protest and political leverage to back it up. As the civil rights movement taught us: we need ‘eyes on the prize, and feet on the ground.’”

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