Thursday, February 27, 2014

Washington State HB 1348 Shafts Adjuncts without Increments February 28, 2014

Call to Action: ASAP for Friday Morning, February 28, 2014
Washington State HB 1348 Makes Increment Funding Automatic, but Shafts Adjuncts without Increments February 28, 2014.
Many of the community colleges have contracted with the unions and teacher associations so that many of the faculty classified/misclassified as adjunct or part time do not recieve any increments at all. Letters/Emails/Calls can help the senators realize the injustice of this discriminatory bill that rewards a limited amount of teachers, and leaves the rest in the cold.

Holmquist Newbry, Janéa (R) Chair    (360) 786-7624
Braun, John (R) Vice Chair  (360) 786-7638
Conway, Steve (D) *    (360) 786-7656
Hasegawa, Bob (D)   (360) 786-7616
Hewitt, Mike (R)  (360) 786-7630
King, Curtis (R)   (360) 786-7626
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne (D)  (360) 786-7670