Thursday, January 30, 2014

Washington State and NEOGOV

Washington State uses NEOGOV for human resouces.

According to a interview with Damir Davidovic, CEO of a company called NEOGOV:
"NEOGOV is a cloud-based, human resources suite. It basically covers recruiting, performance, evaluations and appraisals, onboarding, and we're also now working on full, back-end HR management, managing things like absence tracking, timesheets, etc. ...we started signing up very large agencies, such as Orange County, the City of Los Angeles, and the State of Washington."

From the comments:
"THIS is the problem! One, a computer software is replacing decent paying government jobs in a human resource department. Soon corporate America will also outsource its human resource department to a computer software. Thus more and more people are out of work. Meanwhile, for those like me, unemployed and having a BA in poli sci (thus government jobs are a logical choice) I am not being evaluated by a human being for a job, but rather a computer software."

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