Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eastern Washington University News Story Cites Faculty Raises, with No Mention of Faculty Classified as Adjunct or Part Time September 13, 2013

EWU is broadcasting a new faculty contract:
"A novel faculty contract at Eastern Washington University focuses on bringing everyone up to the national salary averages in their fields.

At present, the AFA website is waiting for clarification to see if the new contract excludes faculty who are classified as "adjunct" or "part-time."

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  1. I'm very interested in seeing what the reply is but rather suspect that adjuncts won't be part of it except by omission. Still, I think this is something to keep track of nationally and fold into discussions of adjunct pay as well as adding inserting adjuncts into the equation at every opportunity.

    Here's the irony though: even bring low pay schools up to a national average (presumably COLA adjusted) with comparable schools, adjunct pay still won't be fair.