Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Article "Adjunct Faculty of America, Unite!" by Kay Steiger of The Nation

Kay Steiger's July 15, 2013 article "Adjunct Faculty of America, Unite!" beats a familiar drum to scholars working for poverty wages at America's colleges and universities.

 "A recent analysis conducted by the Coalition on the Academic Workforce found that the pay for adjunct faculty lagged far behind that of their tenured peers, averaging just $21,600 while tenure-track positions averaged $66,000 a year. "

Adjunct Faculty of America, Unite!

The article mentions the efforts to unionize on the East Coast. Here on the West Coast, specifically Washington State, "part-time" faculty are forced into the same unions, or non-union associations, with "full-time" faculty, who serve as de facto supervisors. The Washington State Public Employees Relations Commission has turned down every request for a separate bargaining unit.


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  2. Hello Vanessa,
    Thanks for the note. I just tried the link to alternet, and that one worked. The link at the top is the title, and goes to the afa post about the Adjunct Advocate post. Is there another link? Best Regards.