Friday, April 6, 2012

Critique of David C. Levy's Editorial "Do College Professors Work Hard Enough?"

The Wordpress blog, Virtual Paper Balls, has published a March 25, 2012 post titled "The Shelf Life of Total B.S." The post reviews David C. Levy's editorial published in the Washington Post, titled "Do College Professors Work Hard Enough?"

Levy spews forth one misconception after another, without considering the entire educational hierarchy of administrators, tenured professors, and untenured faculty who labor on poverty-level wages.

The poster composes a classical argument essay, in which Levy's editorial is sliced and diced to reveal the less-than-freshman-level of Levy's argument. The replies to the post provide food for thought about the entire country's issues with injustice, economic woes, and still trying to keep the American dream alive for all.

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