Monday, February 20, 2012

In Washington State, HB 1631 College Faculty Increment Funding discriminates against the majority of faculty.

In Washington State, a bill before the House would fund increment pay increases only for faculty who are called "full-time." In the Washington State community college system, the majority of faculty are termed "part-time." Thus, HB 1631, called the College Faculty Increment Funding, should really be called the College Faculty Increment Funding Discrimination bill. This bill treats faculty as being unequal, with a minority of faculty due to receive raises, and the majority of faculty due to receive nothing for their teaching efforts.

Whatever your feelings are about HB 1631, please use our democratic process to contact Washington State legislators in the House of Representatives in Olympia, WA, to share your ideas regarding this legislation. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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